Peru and Love

by Adele Leung

Peru came into my consciousness five years ago.

I came home.

The meeting resulted in an intense relationship with Pachamama, the heart was opened to an extent unimaginable.

From the initial intense opening, the love of Pachamama flowing in my veins, the connection to the energies of this land was made.  Pachamama reminds me of the love that I am, that we all are, from the divinity we began as.  And this love is such that we all yearn to return to.  Through this love and wisdom, the experience of life can no longer be one that supports continued separation.

To return to unity, it is the inner heart that has to be returned to.  This is not something outside of us, yet, to know love in its entirety, first, we need to self-love and love others, which in relation to whole love, is incomplete.  For me, Peru is the bridge that opened up my physical and energetic heart, for more awareness that it is the divinity of the inner heart that is calling my return.