by Adele Leung

Dreams are like a pair of strong arms that wrap around your body when in need of a hug, they bring you back.

Dreams can take one far, but they also ground one here, because dreams are to be experienced, to be lived.  And the way to the livingness of our dreams, is to be able to go beyond only dreaming.  Without dreams, life could be like an unpleasant hostel, where one can’t wait to check out from.  When one dreams, each moment we return, to be here.

Life itself is one long dream.  Every moment of this dream, there is deep yearning to live what is being dreamed.  At four years old, my dream revolved around the question of love.

To return to where we all began from, this dream has to be lived, this life has to be walked.  Love has to be experienced, so does all that is non-love.  Love in all its faces, degradations, illusions, misinterpretations, truths and non-truths have to be tasted.

Emotions surrounding love, however grandiose, or subtle; breathtakingly potent, or unbearable; each minute sentiment and feeling etched and lived…forgotten perhaps never, yet they begin to lose their grip.  Because the heart is tired and it refuses to be in the agony of separation any longer.  The heart thank all emotions, whether belonging to oneself or not, that has once impressed upon the body.  Truthfully in gratitude, for that in itself is living what it is to be human.

The dream continues, the livingness of being human ultimately is to return.  When emotions are lived and honored, they choose another body to host.  If you are ready to begin to truly live, there is only one place to return to, the unity of our soul.  Herein no questions are relevant or necessary.  Love, joy and harmony are the only states that pervade in eternity, and  they are nothing we know them as in this human experience.  This is when we begin to walk with our hearts,  so the dream is truly dreamed and lived to its fullest.