by Adele Leung

it is imperative that we see what is going on yet everyone has to see this in their own time and with their own open hearts nothing can be forced upon when the time is not an air of intense change pushing from the earth deep from the core of consciousness is yearning to emerge it feels explosive on the verge of immense purging of all that is not aligning with the energy of the heart the resistance the doubt the numbing and ignorance is resulting in a dull heaviness felt in the bones in the body the head spinning vision blurred the head heavy the body aching the heart tight we fight we fight to resistant to be who we are the mind spins ingenious tales and humanity has bought into this form of control for aeons and aeons but now we are waking up we are not content to be living in a bubble of illusion anymore we have had enough of separation fed into us we simply cannot bear to be separate anymore yet we discover we have never been separate we couldn’t have been and with the willingness to return to the impulses of our hearts we begin a journey of unification which could be long or a lot quicker if more of us are waking up to this and would take the responsibility of being nothing less than the truth of who we are it is imminent that humanity and the planet return to unification it could only be as this is how we began as may this be your truth also when the moment comes

photo: CK (Secret Nine Productions)