All that Is

by Adele Leung

To first come into my own power, I will then see you truly face to face.

To allow your time, your distance, will one day allow us to come together.

I honor and respect all that is, this moment.

Yet I also honor and respect the part within myself that will never heal because of this.

Perhaps my healing will begin with my full acceptance.

How can I ever express all that I feel?

Yet how can I not express all that I can?

For myself, for you, for all of humanity, I must continue to walk on the path of returning to unity.

How can I even begin to share the immensity of love?

And because of you, and of all that is now, I remember what love truly is.

We can never stop being who we are.

We can never stop living who we are here to express.

We can never stop loving each other.

We are from the same Source.

We are one.