A land of learning

by Adele Leung

In Peru, I always have the biggest smiles.

Yet not a lot of people know, it is also in Peru I experience the deepest tribulations. The external sometimes only tell us half the story.

In this land, the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos are never separated.  We have the upper world and in reflection, there is also the under world.  Only by balancing and harmonizing these two, do we experience what is the present world for us.

The energies of this land constantly urge me to go deeper, to stay a little longer, to look at myself a bit more nakedly, to open my heart just a little wider.  With the connection of the land, the open arms of the brothers and sisters, I am reborn over and over again.

In Peru, I always have the biggest smiles, because here I have unlimited opportunities to rise above myself, to merge all dualities, to bridge the sky and the earth, to test my love over and over again.  In this land, I am walking into authenticity, where true power arises from.  More importantly, the learning is always mine.