by Adele Leung


We can only continue to see and learn our lessons in each moment of our lives. This we are doing for no one else but ourselves. Everyone who comes into our lives are our mirrors, therefore, every moment we can learn something from everyone, if this is what we choose to do.

If we are always unsatisfied about the world, and see how imperfect everyone else is, guess what the world is reflecting back to us? There may be many aspects the world can become better, so can we become better within ourselves. The world, we cannot change. But, ourselves, we can, through acceptance.

If we do not feel safe in the world, this distrust is rooted within ourselves. Nothing in the external can make us what we are. We are what we are to begin within. This may be something deeply rooted for years, lifetimes, aeons. And if we do not wish to confront it, it will only continue to affect us for the futures to come.

If we see beauty in the world, this is also what is reflected to us from within our hearts. Beauty and love has to first begin within us, and as such, it will also meet us in our physical lives.

Life is not here to be against us. Life is our teacher and every moment it is giving us the opportunity to return to the original state of light and unity we began as. We can choose to disregard the opportunities, to resist them, to run away from them. Or we can choose to see them, acknowledge them, and work on them.

Only intention is necessary. And more and more often, we will witness the clear patterns; we will feel what we can let go to become more free and true to ourselves. We will not be able to continue as who we are before. We may have to face many challenges to return. But we will, with strength and resilience, only because we have moved towards another level already. We yearn for the unity between our hearts and our realities.

The lessons may be hard. They may even feel impossible. Yet when we realize the true state of who we are, nothing can be more painful than being separated from this state. We are so much more than we can ever imagine ourselves to be. Our light is so much brighter than our physical eyes can witness, and the colors define what is beauty and love. And then we fully understand, life is not about going anywhere, but it is a returning to who we always have been.

Every initiation begins with a personal choice and completes with our inner strength.