Life is returning to the Unity we began as

Re-integration–journal of the heart

Physically, I am now in Puno, Peru.  Puno is a very special place for me.  It is where Lake Titicaca is situated, the energy here propels me to be clear about my feelings.  The Lake is like a mirror for me, there is no hiding or avoiding when I am in Puno.  This time I am in Puno alone, I have a lot of time to be on my own, to feel and to feel some more.
I have probably experienced the deepest of what love is, here in Puno.  And I continue to.  When I mention love, it is not only physical love that I refer to.  I have experienced in both physical and non-physical ways, that of divine love here.  It is a connecting web of unity of colors so incredible that I can only describe myself as being completely blown away.  In this experience, I know what it is to cry and laugh at the same time when one is utterly touched to the core.  As esoteric as it sounds, I not only saw but I have touched this connecting web with all beings in existence.  Unity is very real for me.

In our third dimensional experience, we were born to learn and perpetuate separation.  We have a nationality, we have a blood family, we have a religion.  We have a a tribe of friends, a close partner or spouse, a community of some sort.  We pledge our sovereignty or devotion to something, and on the other hand, we reject those who do not belong.  If we stop being friends with someone, we have to reject that person, whether it be out of disinterest or fear of being hurt.

But separation as much as it is innate in our lives, is purely a fictitious phenomenon, when one has seen and touched what is connecting us all.  We are connected, no matter how separative our actions tend to be in this reality.  Unity, has been misinterpreted as grouping together like-mindedness in the external reality to support a certain idea.  Yet when different groups have different mentalities, how is true oneness going to prevail?  The truth is, unity has been there to begin with.  And it is with our soul’s recognition that we are all one already, then this natural progression of honoring this connection within, will lead to actions which are truly unified.

In-truth, we do not require physical proximity to be connected.  Even the greatest love can be experienced the same, despite time and space differences.  Only as human beings, we doubt.  If only we could trust in the fullness of unity, then we could choose according to our preferences in relationships.  We could choose to enjoy close physical contact with another.  We could choose conscious monogamy.  We could choose conscious polygamy.  Or not.  However we choose, we are connected.  When we no longer exist in the consciousness of separation, none of our choices will separate us.  And we choose for ourselves solely, while honoring fully the choices of others.

Re-integration could be a physical coming together of people.  It could also be a strengthening of our hearts, in knowing that true unity cannot suffer with distance nor time.