by Adele Leung

It is a cool night.

Light rain washing away the heated impatience of many.

And bringing a sense of muted restlessness for me.

I do not know what to feel on rainy nights.

Longing, desire, aloneness, nostalgia, and more longing all mixed into one big cloud

Soon to rain torrential into my heart.


I wish for my family. I wish to be able to hold hands when I stretch them out.

I wish I could laugh with someone. I long to reach out and touch your heart.

I am feeling every small sensation in my body tonight.

Every muscle, every grief.


Do the Gods know the feeling of having to be apart when the souls are one?

Do they really wish to feel this through the human race?

Can they feel me on this rainy night

As I feel the longing of infinite hearts?

I know, Mother, I know the encompassing of your heart.

I am learning, Mother, from you the moon, the earth, the sea, the wind.

Only tonight

I wish to dissolve in restlessness and dance naked in my longing.

I have dissolved and become maddening wildness

Swallowing and birthing all that is love.