We are one race

by Adele Leung

Most of the female race do not realize how much they are worth. For me, this realization brings tears but also an immense opening rather than a feeling of retaliation against what is the habitual authority of men.

I love men deeply, there is too deep an honor and respect within me for the male race. I do not agree with everything they represent nor understand their points of view fully at times, but my respect and loyalty to a true man is eternal.

But I equally love the female race. Of course I understand and feel the female race much more. Each moment of my life, I am living it and perhaps also subtly impressing and morphing this creation with each breath I take and each decision I make.

I know there is nothing more beautiful in the entirety of existence than to be able to combine and harmonize that which is between man and woman. And there is nothing I wish more than to be fully met by the opposite sex, when I have fully met with my own.

Man and woman, we are one race.