Choosing Love

by Adele Leung

I have been in a deep abyss recently.

And I realized the hurt I felt was not in-truth, because of any external actions felt or perceived. Rather, it is because I realized I have not fully claimed the deep Love that I wish for myself. And this fact, has hit me very hard. And the process of allowing myself the acceptance of this fact, as well as loving myself fully in acknowledging this fact, has been painful.

In seeing this in full rawness for myself, I also witnessed what is in-truth, my energy, reflected back to me through the experiences in the external reality. What we are, always happen as at least a double whammy. Therefore, the acuteness in feeling the connection with the entirety of humanity, brings me back towards my inner work.

Every moment, each breath of awareness inhaled, is affecting every single human being. How could I choose anything but Love?

Embraced in deep hurt and lovelessness for myself, I slowly began to unravel from stories and emotions and took a deep breath to step back into Love. I choose Love. I am still not in the fullness of myself yet, I know I could be many degrees lighter, but my intentions are strong.

The path of Love is one which we return to remember and embody the Love of the Soul in the physical. We may take lifetimes to do so. And after that we only come back so that others may also remember.

And with each losing of myself in the vast abysses, I am in gratitude that it has strengthened my heart and deepened my Love a little, indeed, I am so honored to be on this path.