by Adele Leung

I may be silly to be fully transparent in a public forum space, where it is mostly used to market businesses or to experiment with constructed personas.

I may be naïve to continue to trust that human nature is pure and have things stolen repeatedly.

I may be mad to choose a life that is so close to the edge, that sometimes I cannot tell which reality I am in, because I am not only in one.

I may be crazy to be speechless for days, except with the eagles and my son.

Or care to talk about things which cannot be responded to.

I may be weird to find it important to fully feel all my hurts, without any comforting distractions.

I may be impossible to be working and mothering and cooking and walking over mountains four times a day, and still travel when the heart or a place calls.

Or more impossible to have no time for physical relating at all.

I may be unbelievable to feel satiating gratitude for a venemous snake bite when seven months pregnant.

I may be a fool to not know where my next step will be.

I may be all of the above.

But none of them can deter me from the Fire within my heart and, from service.