by Adele Leung

The Truth about Universal Medicine

by Adele Leung, English as a second language, Hong Kong

A few years ago there was an impulse in my heart – a knowing that humanity is connected. This was not something I could prove, but every cell within my being wished to live and express this impulse. It was not something easy to explain to those close to me – friends, peers or even family. As I began living as such, I met with Universal Medicine through the books of Serge Benhayon.

The initial encounter with the books was transformational as they were not understood through the intellect, but opened me up to a much deeper place within – my heart. What the books spoke was the truth known by the heart, as expressed through Serge. The books did not make my life easier so to speak, but the more I read, the clearer it became that there was…

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