Ancient Wisdom

Our soul, has all our answers.

We cannot find what we are looking for by being separated from the soul.  And hence life is not going any where, doing or achieving anything; rather it is a returning, to the place of unity and divinity, which is our soul.  Rather than a spiritual journey, we are on a soulful journey.

All ancient wisdom learned or remembered, is not new knowledge.  What you know or remember, is already what is within you.  It may appear fantastic or unbelievable to the mind, but it is what is inherent in the soul.   In the soul there is a unity where all are a part, equally so, of a whole.  It is a oneness that spans all space, all time, all beings.  It is also a beauty that no words suffice, and a harmony and joy that fulfills like nothing else.  It is love and it is the whole truth.