Life is returning to the Unity we began as

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It is all very quiet

It is all very quiet.

Crowds everywhere, nicam languages, money clothes, unending dining, new year merchandise, friends, family, business associates…

But all is very quiet.

Within my heart.

I heard my heart song.

The body chaperoning the mind, well, almost always.

(Oh, how sweet.)

But first my face grew tender, a smile unfolding like tendrils.

I felt the fire.

Warming my blood on a 6C night.

The wind joining in the carousing of the festivities, yet

I was awed, intoxicated by the fire of my heart.

It is all very quiet.

I became the fish

That did not get wet.

And slithered into oblivion.


A little heart-full story

This morning as I walked over the hills, I saw a note and an acorn.

This is very unusual.  We almost never see another human being here. So I picked up a rock and wrote a heart in gratitude.

When I returned home, a smiley face greeted me.

Sometimes, all we need is to open our hearts and our eyes will witness the beauty around, and a simple heart-felt exchange will make Love go around.