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Just a woman

What is a woman to do after feeling the intensity of unadulterated feelings of the cosmic heart in the physical reality? Pure feelings from the heart, untampered by emotions.

What is she to do when the physical reality shifts as hastily as which it has slowly nurtured with care?

What can a woman do when the love she has grown and given to herself, seem to disappear like quicksand sucking in anything that it has touched?

What is a woman to do when the feelings of divine love expressed, is no longer encouraged to express, yet they continue to flow through her pores, her smiles, her tears, her fingers, her whispers, softly, no longer certain?

What is she to do when these feelings are magnified immensely within her heart with the moon lulling, pushing, pulling, far and near; closest and farthest from the sun, and the expression implodes?

She is just a woman.

It is natural to feel and honor her feelings.  Her feelings run mad and become emotions.  And all she could do was to honor them too.

And then and only then, the woman discovers there is much to learn and the feeling of failure and rejection is not here to be against her.

She knows that realities can change both ways, if a possibility is opened; but she is disinterested in creating or manifesting if it is not of love anymore.

She remembers the deep love that flowed through her, on that one day, reciprocated and felt in the human existence, in full intensity of co-creation; so she knows, she has already experienced what she has come here to.  It does exist.

And she knows another experience, is in-truth, another reminder and continued livingness to discover that the only medicine for humanity is to be truly who we are, in every moment, within any reflection.

She is thankful that every step forward, has brought her closer to the truth of who she is.  Her pledge is to be true in each breath, breathing deeply in honesty, every fragility, every realization.

She is just a woman, who cannot but be love.

And even if she has to walk alone, she cannot but be she.


Loving Freely

Man: I love you because I send you flowers.

Woman: I love you because I take care of the domestic responsibilities.

Man: I love you because I bring in the dough.

Woman: I love you because I pander to your wishes.

Man: I love you because I shoulder your baggage.

Woman: I love you because I worry about you.

Man: I love you because…

Woman: I love you because…

Is loving based on beliefs and ideals really Love?

Can Love be defined within certain limitations, and only within those confinements?

Our heart knows so much more about Love than our minds. Loving with our minds can easily create judgement, and within Love, how could there be judgement? I have loved within beliefs and have been loved also within strong ideals, neither way was truly Love. Loving with the mind, we are capable to hurt and be hurt. Loving with the fullness of the heart, we see Love in everyone and everything, it is impossible to hurt. To truly Love freely, is simply to Love always with the guidance from the heart. As in every living moment, the heart knows much more than the mind could ever imagine, because it could not.

Love is really very simple.