Have you ever connected with a tree?

The first time it happened for me, it was a complete spontaneous impulse.

One tree and I, we found each other.  It was like a knowing, similar to how you know your lovers.  Or how I knew mine.

We hugged, the tree and myself.  The exchange of unconditional love was so immense.  Without realizing, tears were streaming down my face because the depths of my heart was so touched.  Without even opening my mouth, all the burdens created and carried in my body was taken from me by the tree.  Never, ever have I felt so safe.

Recently, with more awareness, I re-visited the trees on the island.  That particular tree whom I connected with, was still deep in my consciousness.  It is still calling me.  Yet I have got to know a few other trees in more depth as well.  Much more time was spent this time around, with these different trees; and I got to know each one of them personally.  Each of them play a different role, some are like fathers, some are friends, some are lovers; but all of them resonated something within myself.

Each one of them connected me within and harmonized me with the core of my Essence, that which is pure love.  When silence and motion met and united, its alchemy is stillness.  The inner heart was thrusted open by this alchemy,  there was no mistake of this energy and where it resided.  It was a deep exchange, without any holding back or compromise.  The tree and I were exchanging all of who we are in essence, in deep love.  In-truth, all human beings have the same essence, we are all pure love.  If we would only experience our true essence again, all of the illusions of separation would begin to dissolve.

If a tree and I can exchange in such an unreserved and heart-open manner, why aren’t human beings exchanging as such more frequently in the experience of life?