by Adele Leung

With roots we stand and flourish.

With roots we are nourished.

With roots we become free to touch the sky.

With roots we learn security, identity.

Without roots, we are always a little afraid.

Without roots, we are unsure who we are, why we are here, if we deserve to exist.

Yet without roots, we do not belong to anyone or anywhere.

We only belong to ourselves by returning within.

Ask for the support from our roots, but allow flexibility to guide.

Be in gratitude to our foundation, yet never be confined by it.

We honor the true purpose of our roots, when we decide for ourselves that we want and dare to grow.

When we honor our roots without being tied down by them, they will never forsake us.

We begin to know that we are all equally, the Sons of God, despite our culture, race, nationality or religion.

And we become free.